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Oct 30th 2017

Life with Sensory Processing Disorder

October 30, 2017|Categories: Essays|

For as long as I can remember, receiving sensory information causes me to have a primitive reaction. Touch makes me want to crawl out of my skin so badly, I scratch at it as if trying to get out. The sound of a knock on the door makes me jump from my seat and gasp for air. If the sound continues, I become frightened. Scared for my life. Paranoid. Then, I blackout. A smell, like fish or someone’s perfume, makes [...]

PTSD, Fight-or-flight and Relationships: When Being Triggered Makes You Difficult to Be Around

When you suffer from PTSD, it often appears as if you’re not okay. Because typically, you’re not. Whatever environment you’re in is probably triggering you. Whether you recognize it or not. So you’re either distracted or on edge. Ready to [...]

Mental Health and Trauma: The Truth about PTSD and 13 Ways to Help Sufferers Survive

I recently came across several articles on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and while some topics were addressed accurately, the articles did not adequately describe PTSD. They were written by doctors or support groups. Dodged the ugly truth. The truth sufferers [...]

PTSD and Fight-or-flight Response: How Occupational Therapy Saved My Life and 16 Things I’ve Learned

  Dedication This week’s blog is dedicated to my occupational therapist — words cannot express my gratitude for guiding me through my pain and for helping me learn to regulate my nervous system; our work has changed my life — [...]

Neurodiversity and Sleep: 16 Ways to Calm Your Nervous System and Your Mind to Sleep Better

I have a very active mind, which is great for a lot of things (until it gets obsessive), but it's never great for sleeping, and if you add my overactive, often unregulated, nervous system, it's a recipe for insomnia. I [...]

Mental Health and Self-care: How Queer Eye Teaches Self-love and Why Routines Are So Important

I started watching Queer Eye Season 3 this past weekend because I needed to feel the love in myself and in humanity. With my menstrual cycle coming to an end, I was more susceptible to depressed thoughts and to negative [...]

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